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Anime grim reaper girl

This is a character I designed for a contest at a convention I'll be entering next month, I'll be doing a few more illustrations for this contest since Grim Reaper Girl. I have been asked to make some changes to my Dark Angel art, but the company that commissioned it. I am not a huge fan of making such drastic alteration Dark Angel version 2.
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Grim Reaper

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The 16 Strongest Grim Reapers In Anime, Ranked by Power | CBR

Associated with Death itself, the scythe is an incredible weapon when in the right hands; however, not only is it deadly, it is also an aesthetic marvel! In true Halloween fashion, we will be putting the moonlight on these characters and celebrate their wielding of an iconic weapon! Inasa Kirio — Ushio to Tora. His father had often told him stories about the monsters known as youkai, but Ushio took them to be mere fable. Thus, begins the journey of an unlikely duo through the scary supernatural world. Inasa Kirio is one of the few people on the planet who could have wielded the Beast Spear.
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In anime, personifications of death are usually unconventional, and even when they fit some aspects of the Grim Reaper or Shinigami death gods , there still tends to be some curveball thrown into their background, design, abilities or overall character. A lot of the time, these anime death personifications are some kind of powerful warrior, a Shonen-anime fighter-type who's ability to reap souls is dependent on their battle ability. Of course, this isn't always the case, but the fact still stands, death in anime is often personified as someone or something with great power, which is why we decided to rank some of the strongest personifications of death in anime.
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They are the most notable and recognized being of death. Similar to Dullahan, they wield the power of death, and kill those whose time has come by touching them, causing them to drop dead instantly. The Dullahan are a humanoid race that prominently appear in Irish folklore as supernatural harbingers of death. Most commonly identified by their removable heads, it is currently unconfirmed whether the race does indeed have links to the supernatural or if their fabled powers are just mythological superstition. Shinigami are a humanoid race that are said to be spirits stemming from Japanese mythology.
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